InnovEights episode 6 – Ken Klosterman – Magic Collector, Historian and Baking Hall Of Fame Inductee

On Episode 6 of InnovEights, Michael Mode talks with magic collector & Baking Hall of Fame Inductee, Ken Klosterman, about Salon de Magie, Ken’s magic collection located in an abandoned salt mine 83 feet and 6 inches under his Ohio residence. Ken’s collection has been recognized by The Smithsonian and is considered to be the most historically significant magic collection in the world.

Mr. Klosterman also shares fascinating stories from the time he spent running The Klosterman Baking Company, including his chance meeting with McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc. The Klosterman Baking Company has a long history of innovation and holds claim to many “firsts” in the Cincinnati area, including the first square loaf of bread, the first hamburger bun and the first buns packaged in plastic wrap. Click the following link to listen to the interview now:


Michael Mode is a speaker and innovation consultant who teaches companies how to Think Like A Magician to solve challenges that seem impossible.

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