Caught Red-Handed

Caught Red-Handed by Michael Mode & Arthur Ottney from Michael Mode on Vimeo.

Thank you for purchasing Caught Red-Handed. Please enter the password found inside the product package to watch the video and learn three different handlings of the card trick that has fooled some of the brightest minds in magic.
To use chapter time markers to jump to specific parts of the video, please watch this video directly on Vimeo by clicking on this link and then entering the password.  You will find the clickable chapter time markers directly under the video in the info section.

Caught Red-Handed is available at finer magic shops and websites worldwide.

– Michael Mode & Arthur Ottney

Chapter Time Marks
Trailer 0:00
Introduction 3:06
Set Up 4:15
Handling One (Easy) 11:20
Handling Two (Intermediate) 18:08
Handling Three (Advanced) 27:10
Thank You & Contact 35:14



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